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The 5A’s Formula

How To Find, Attract & Keep A-Players
in Your Industry

In your role, you know your company is only as strong
as the people inside it.

As well as continue to set them up for success—today and tomorrow!

The success of your role is determined by the success of others. 
You have to bring in the best of the best—you take great pride in this.

Yet you also know how difficult it is because each day you go to battle with your competitors, who, like you are doing everything they can to Find, Attract & Keep A-Players.

Nothing in this industry stays still. What used to work no longer does.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to The 5 A’s Formula …
The proven, backed-by-science method that sets you apart from the rest.

So you can become the go-to in your industry that Attracts & Keeps 
The Best!

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The 5A’s Formula

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Here at STAY STRONG, we’ve spent years working with successful corporate partners in various industries, coming across every type of corporate culture you can imagine.

As a team dedicated to Strong Research and Development, and one that’s obsessed with finding Cutting Edge Strategies before everyone else, we have unearthed the secret to bringing the best out of your workforce.

This is what The 5A’s Formula is built on…

Not just science-backed theory but practical application. 
Not in one industry or with one type of organization, but across many.

Through The 5As Formula, we build a set of strategies specific to your company… your situation… your people… and, most importantly, your goals for the future.

On their own, each A has the power to positively impact your results. 
Yet when you combine them… you transform your entire organization.

This journey begins with Attract because to have a successful business, you need to attract the right mix of people.

It goes without saying that you desire to Find & Attract The Best A-Players in Your Industry… yet this alone is not enough because you need to match the right skills with the right roles and then empower your true leaders to rise to the top.

Through our proven and systematic process, we provide you with 5 Unique Services that we tailor to your specific needs, allowing you to screen thousands of candidates and accurately hone in on the right hires for the required roles.

… the roles that will deliver the largest return on your investment now and in the future!

To learn more about these 5 Services and how we can help you ATTRACT the very best in your industry,


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Next comes Aspire because you need to inspire and motivate your employees through an engaging, challenging, and empowering culture and environment.

The Strength of Your Organization is Driven By The Strength of Your Employees Without an aligned, committed, healthy, and happy workforce, you’re set up for failure.

Whereas as soon as you create a powerful and purposeful culture… You open up a world of opportunity that drives real, measurable results!

Through 5 Innovative Services, we give you the tools you need to inspire your people to aspire to be more; to be their best selves and fulfill their potential!

This centers around a single SCORE that measure the current health and performance of your organization—so we can specifically identify any gaps and cracks.

… as well as which areas to double down on!

To learn more about these 5 Services and how they ensure your workforce ASPIRES to fulfill their truest potential…

Align comes next because it’s essential the right people are placed in the right roles.

Yet this doesn’t begin and end during the hiring process. 
In fact, it’s what happens next that is far more important!

This is why we take such a detailed approach to Performance Management with 5 Customized Services that allow you to align your company
goals with each individual.

In a fast-growing organization, this is never easy. Yet through our proven process, we place the power back in your hands.

Real results-oriented performance management is often the difference between your business surviving and thriving. At STAY STRONG, we appreciate this above all else!

To learn more about these 5 Services and how they’ll ALIGN your entire organization…


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Next we focus on Advance because it’s essential your employees feel appreciated and motivated; driven to climb your leadership ladder and remain loyal to your vision.

Everyone inside your business should be constantly progressing forward. Yet this doesn’t happen unless you give them a clear roadmap.

… a roadmap that gives them a clear path forward AND keeps them accountable!

Personally and professionally, we set your workforce up for success with 5 Tailored Services that give them the training, leadership, support, and progression plan they need.

This not only turns B-Players into A-Players but allows your organization as a whole to exponentially grow (and finally reach those huge goals you have set).

To learn more about these 5 Services and how they ADVANCE both your employees and organization to exciting new heights…

The final step is Award because it’s important you show your employees their hard work, commitment, and dedication to growth is both noticed and appreciated.

Motivating your workforce is key to your success. Yet creating a compelling compensation package is only the beginning.

There’s so much more that goes into this: bonuses, rewards, to name just a few…

Yet this can quickly become problematic for a fast-growing organization, as costs and budgets spiral out of control in a bid to create equality and fairness.

This is why we have 5 Innovative Services that give you complete control, providing your workforce with the compensation, rewards, and overall appreciation they desire without it having a negative impact on your business

In fact, with our unique approach, you’ll soon create true equality that leaves your entire organization feeling respected, appreciated, and valued.

To learn more about these 5 Services and how they AWARD your entire business from top to bottom…


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Unlike many agencies, here at STAY STRONG we do not offer a generic service in the hope it solves your problem. We work with you and tailor everything we do around your current situation … specific organization … and desired outcome.

This begins with a complimentary consultation so we can dive into your needs.

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