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No More Chaos. No More Guess Work.
Pay for Performance… No One Gets Hurt.

True Equality Doesn’t Happen By Paying Everyone The Same… You Only Achieve This By Paying Each Person in Your Workforce Fairly!

Your workforce deserves fairness. You deserve fairness. 

It’s what your entire organization deserves, and it is a fundamental piece to creating a strong, lasting culture because studies consistently show that compensation plays a leading role in a person’s… 

As such, it’s essential you determine the right pay, bonuses, and compensation roadmap for each individual role and person.

This is the only way to ensure you minimize costs while simultaneously keeping hold of A-Players—at STAY STRONG, we appreciate how important this is, which is why we dedicate 5 unique services to this part of the process…

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The 5 Services of




While most businesses use generic and one-dimensional job descriptions, we’ve fixed this long-standing problem by creating customized Job Scorecards so you can better Find, Screen & Hire the right person for every single role.

Job Scorecard vs. Job Description
What’s the Difference?

Once you have a highly-specific Job Scorecard, you can effectively evaluate each individual role in your organization… providing you with objective information to weigh each role and measure against your own organization (and others in your space).


One of the costliest mistakes any business can make is to approach the talent management process without a Grading Structure to guide them. At STAY STRONG, we fix this by building you a customized, statistical, and legally validated Grading Structure solution specific to your business.


As important as it is to have a solid Grading Structure, you also need the ability to compare this against other competitors in your industry (as well as those outside of it). At STAY STRONG, we solve this problem with our proven, validated methodology that provides you with a 360° insight into your industry and marketplace(s).


The decision factors formula helps you ensure mathematical and logical equality within each team; not through “sameness”… but FAIRNESS! This is what nurtures a truly powerful culture that the A-Players in your industry want to be a part of. 

AWARD Your People with Industry Leading Compensation Packages

That Simultaneously Save You Money &  Lays The Foundations To Make More

As important as equality is, you have to ensure you approach it correctly.

If you don’t, you open yourself up to potentially lose the capacity to retain and attract A players. Whereas once you do… you lay the foundations for lasting success.

This is our focus at STAY STRONG … we’re passionate about helping you develop true equality in your organization that centers around fairness, not sameness. If you’re ready to explore this further, we would love to learn more about your organization.

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Each A Plays an Essential Role in Your Success.
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