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Set Strong Organizational Foundations
with Smart, Innovative & Effective Performance Management

Hiring A-Class A-Playerss an important first step for any organization. Yet it’s what happens next that determines your success!

You have to keep everyone on the same page, which isn’t easy inside a large, ambitious, and fast-growing business. Yet it’s essential you do if you…

An organization full of A-Players means little unless everyone is on the same page. We help you achieve this through 5 customized services…

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The 5 Services of




Setting organizational goals is easy… ensuring this cascades down through every department and team is not. At STAY STRONG, we build a strategy that aligns your Corporate Goals with Departmental Goals; complete with individual Action Plans built around Automation and Systematic Processes.


The cascade continues from Departmental Goals → Individual Goals, and it’s essential you both keep everyone on the same page AND are clear on why their role is so important to the bigger picture (so they take ownership of each task you set them!).


As you cascade down from Organizational Goals to Individual Goals, it gets harder to both create and track them. This is why our sophisticated Rating Scalewhich we customize for you and each department/team—is so important because it gives the goals you set greater meaning and depth, allowing you to better grade and measure success.


Setting a goal means nothing unless you properly track, measure, and review it. Yet this is an area where most businesses fail. There’s so much data you could track, but at STAY STRONG we hone in on the data you need with an objective and automotive process that saves you time and sets you up for long-lasting success.


this service provides personalized and team-based training to equip your leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to drive A-Level Performance. With our support, leaders can develop the confidence and capability to inspire their teams and reach their full potential.

From Executive Level
Down… Keep Everyone on The Same Page

So You Consistently Achieve Your Goals From Top To Bottom

In order to build a truly cohesive culture that A-Players want to be a part of, you need to create a working environment that keeps everyone on the same page.

(and ensures they fully appreciate the important role they play in your business)

At STAY STRONG, we help you craft true alignment from top to bottom, and then from the bottom to the top. If you’d like to learn how we can specifically help you achieve this…

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Just One of The Five A’s

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Each A Plays an Essential Role in Your Success.
See How Align Aligns with The Other 4 A's …

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