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Accurately Screen, Find & Hire The
Best Talent To Fulfill Your Required Roles

Your goal should never focus on hiring, but rather hiring the right people … in the most efficient, effective, and accurate way possible!

This is how to separate yourself from competitors in your space

This is how we approach things at STAY STRONG.
Everything we do comes down to accuracy and efficiency so you can attract the best.

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We do this through



tailored around your specific business…


If you want to attract A-Players (let alone keep them), you need to communicate your vision and culture in a clear and enticing manner. In the same way your business requires a strong brand to attract customers, you need a strong employee-facing brand that separates you from your competitors.


Although most businesses have a system to source new applicants, they often fail at effectively screening these so they don’t waste time or money on the wrong kind of candidate. At STAY STRONG, we have a proven process that uses sophisticated technology and AI to screen your candidates so you hone in on the best!


Finding A-Players is important, but only if you assign them to the right roles. We appreciate this, which is why we build you an effective Assessment Process to assign the right candidates to the right roles—not just when hiring, but down the road as you promote your A-Players up the leadership ladder.


Time is everything, which is why we’ve developed an onboarding process that embeds your new hires into your culture (in one day), setting them up for success from the offset with the right tools, resources, and guidance they need.


As an ambitious company, you never stand still. We embrace this, giving you the tools necessary to plan for the future (as well as today) with a structured Workforce Plan that helps you hone in on the exact roles you need to fill now and in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Assign The Right People
To The Right Roles

So You Can Save Time & Begin Achieving Tomorrow’s Goals, Today!

If you want to Find, Hire & Keep A-Players, you need to make sure your organization is more attractive than anyone else in your industry.

This isn’t easy, but at STAY STRONG we make it easier with a series of proven systems, processes, tools, and technologies designed to Attract those you need into your culture.
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Just One of The Five A’s

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Each A Plays an Essential Role in Your Success.
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